Thursday, 15 July 2010

A picture of some blonde Manglicas having fun in the snow,which I foundon I really informative Hungarian website containing loads of historyan interesting links

On their is the Hungarian breed standard for red Maglicas:

Hungarian Mangalica is a fat-type hog of medium body size with fine, but very strong skeleton.

The fur is dense and long, curling like chips in winter, more tender, shorter and more straight in summer. Curling is a breed character, however the ringed, strongly curling fur and the coarse straight bristles on the back or flanks are not desired.

The tail-base is typically thick, white tail tassel, but its interior is always black.
The minimum number of tits is 5-5 on both sides.
The back-line is straight, or slightly curved; groin is short or medium long. The skeleton is fine but very firm.
Undesirable defects of the breed character:
- light or pink skin on the belly
- pigment-less opening of the body
- black bristle or hair tips
- ears scattered with brown or black hairs
- too fine, or too coarse hair
- too small upright, or too large lop-ears
Non-allowable defects of the breed character :
- white, distinct flecks on the skin
- light or dark flecks on the fur
- yellow or striped yellow nails
- pink tits
completely red or white tail tassel
light brown eyes

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